Celebrating 50 Years of Digital Sound

Partnered with Rockwell International, Allen Organs created the world's digital sampling industry with the introduction of the Allen Digital Computer Organ in 1971. As the foundation of the digital music industry, we are proud to have opened the door to a new world of producing and listening to music, everywhere.


GeniSys—the most advanced Organ Console Control System available! Through unique network architecture, GeniSys "future-proofs" the organ, simplifying customization and in-field upgrades.

  • USB Memory Stick
  • Hymn-Player™ with over 150 pre-recorded hymns
  • Performance Player with over 350 pre-recorded selections
  • Sequencer with record and playback capabilities
  • GeniSys Voices controls
  • Piston Configuration capability
  • User-defined Crescendo and Tuttis
  • USB Save and Load for virtually unlimited capture memory
  • 128 Memory levels
  • Exclusive Allen App to control record and playback


GeniSys Voices Technology adds hundreds of sounds to any stop list and combines thousands of ways to integrate into an easy to use application.

  • HD sound
  • 2 dedicated GeniSys Voice stops per organ division
  • Over 250 different voices—organ stops, grand pianos, orchestral, keyboard and percussion voices
  • Adjustable volume and tuning per voice
  • Voice assignments remain until changed by organist
  • Voices capture to organ pistons
  • Voices can couple between divisions