Church organs

Since 1948, we have been responsible for over 5,000 installations throughout Chicagoland as well as northwest and central Indiana.

After all, our unique manufacturing capabilities, economy of scale, and advanced technology promise you incomparable value.

Our custom models, for example, let you choose from a variety of stop lists, console styles, keyboard finishes, draw knob treatments, and audio systems to produce a sound that's optimized for your specific tonal spectrum.



Allen’s GeniSys Series delivers a deluxe array of modern, digital organs with unimaginable tonal flexibility and incredible ease of use. Revel in quick, easy-to-switch stop changes as you glide through a comprehensive array of tonal and console features. With massive computing power, it is easy to see why our organs are world-renowned and unparalleled.

GeniSys Series organs supply musicians with customizable features, amazing sounds, and the most technologically-advanced organ display system on the market.

Allen Organs Chicago/Indianapolis, with our showroom in Bolingbrook, Illinois, is the exclusive Allen Organ dealership in the Chicago and Indianapolis, Indiana area. Click on the images below to view product specifications. Contact us by phone (630) 428-9701 or email us for more information.

Designer Series

Studio Organs

Designed for smaller environments, HISTORIQUE™ organs offer the flexibility of up to nine organ specifications sampled from world-famous classical and theatre pipe organs! GENISYS™ models, HISTORIQUE™ IIG and HISTORIQUE™ IIIG, are equipped with GENISYS™ Display and offer GENISYS™ Voices, and an AGO console, pedalboard, and bench as options.